Wellness Assessments

At ASU we know that a healthy lifestyle is a way to support academic and personal well-being and success.  How do you make that next step toward wellness?  A good place to start is by assessing your current needs.  As simple way to assess your wellness needs is by taking the Personal Wellness Profile.   This assessment helps you learn about your current health status, provides personalized wellness recommendations, and by taking this, you can learn about ASU resources to support your wellness.

Take the Wellsource® Personal Wellness Profile™ Advantage now.

After taking the Personal Wellness Profile, remember to write SMART goals for each wellness action you want to achieve.

Sexual Health Assessment

The sexual health assessment is a useful tool to assist you in determining how you can stay safe in your intimate relationships.  The questionnaire takes less than 3 minutes to complete, and provides you with a score that determines your risk of sexually transmitted infection (STIs). 

Participation in this survey is completely anonymous.

Use the Sexual Health Assessment Tool