DIY Wellness


Do It Yourself Wellness

Looking for a way to boost your Wellness efforts in your own time? Check out our DIY Wellness downloads for quick and easy activities and tips that can help you Build Your Best You!


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Just download or print and complete. All of these activities can be completed with little or no facilitation from our Wellness staff.

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Get a Wellness boost whenever your schedule allows. Your busy schedule is no longer a barrier to improving your well-being.

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Learn How to Build Your Best You

Sparky's Wellness Handbook


Nutrition and Body Image

easy healthy recipes
Easy healthy recipes
eating healthy on a budget
Eating healthy on a budget
six ways to love your body
Six ways to love your body


Stress and Self Care

feeling overwhelmed
Feeling overwhelmed
mandala coloring pages
Mandala Coloring Pages
smart goal setting
Smart goal setting


growth mindset
Growth mindset
positive affirmations
Positive affirmations


Time Management

tips for a successful day
Tips for a successful day
Weekly to-do
Weekly to-do-list



maximize your sleep space
Maximize your sleep space
sleep checklist
Sleep checklist


Finance and Budgeting

budgeting worksheet
Budgeting worksheet
cutting expense tips
Cutting expense tips