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Sun Devil’s Guide to Hiking

Hiking not only benefits your body, but your mind as well. We've compiled the best hikes near Tempe for you to get out and live well!

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Try This: Get consulted by our dietitian

Eating right and sticking to a balanced diet is essential to Building Your Best You. But consulting with a registered dietitian can help students start down a path to proper nutrition and help those already on that path stay focused on reaching their goals.

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Trenton Nettles headshot


Instagram livestreams help new, returning Sun Devils

A new streaming series from Live Well @ ASU gets students familiar with everything the SDFC has to offer.

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Inside the SDFC: Jack Hiemenz

The Sun devil Fitness Complex is full of talented student workers, here is an interview with one of them.

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Six on-the-go snacking options

Stop me if you’ve been here before: It’s 1:20 p.m. You just got out of your 11:30 class. You’ve got a couple hours before your next class, and your stomach begins to growl because that slice of bread you had breakfast maybe wasn’t good enough.

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Inside the SDFC: Madison Diluccia

When we enter the SDFC and are greeted by the many friendly faces of the workers, do we ever stop to think about who they really are, what they are like? Probably not. There’s more to our employees meets the eye.

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