If you’ve ever wondered how you should properly warm up before a workout or have been unsure what the difference between static and dynamic stretching is, make sure to read all the way to the end to learn our top tips for a safe and effective warm-up routine! 

Before we jump right into a workout, our muscles need to be ready for the impact, which is why warming up is so important. While all forms of stretching are beneficial for your body, the stretches you perform before and after a workout can vary significantly.

Have you ever wondered about the buzz surrounding creatine in the world of fitness or noticed friends incorporating it into their routines? What exactly is creatine, and is it a magical elixir, a secret ingredient, or just some kind of water flavoring? Join us on this journey to uncover the truth about creatine, get all your burning questions answered, and discover whether it truly lives up to the hype!

What is creatine?

It’s November in Arizona, and the weather outside is finally bearable. As classes start ramping up and finals are on the horizon, it’s important to take a break, reflect, and stay active. Hiking is the perfect diversion from your busy schedule and demanding classes.

Use our guide to pick the trail that’s right for you!

Hole-In-The-Rock Trail

You might recognize Abigail Beck as our new cycle instructor at the Downtown Sun Devil Fitness Complex. She’s taken the initiative to create two new programs this semester, Cycle Beat by Beat and Cycle Rise and Reset. In both classes, Abigail is working hard to create an atmosphere where everyone feels welcome at the gym and can take a mental break from the stresses of college. 

Want to prepare to run in Sparky’s Challenge Run or have another race you’d like to join? Not sure where to start or looking for some pointers to improve your running game? Here are some tips to help you train so you can perform at your best! Invest in some quality running shoes Wearing running shoes that support your arches is important to keep your feet healthy and happy as you train. Make sure that they are comfortable, too. To get the best shoes for you, go to a shop that specialises in running shoes, such as Road Runner Sports in Tempe Marketplace.

Sometimes the idea of lifting weights can be intimidating. The problem only compounds when we hear myths and misconceptions about lifting weights and what it will do to our body. Read on to clear up some of these myths and get your lifting on! 

Myth: Lifting makes women bulky.

Have you ever wanted to begin a cardio routine but didn’t know where to start? Or maybe you already have developed a habit, but don’t know if you are getting the most out of it? If you find yourself in this situation, we have some great recommendations to improve your health benefits through this form of exercise. 

According to The Department of Health and Human Services, there are a couple of methods we can use to reap maximum benefits.

There are many myths that surround working out. Some of these misconceptions play into why we don’t move our bodies as much as we could, so read on to bust some common fitness myths! 

Myth: You have to work out in a gym to have a good workout.

False. You can exercise just about anywhere and still get in a good workout. In your dorm, at the park, and in the pool to name a few—get creative with it! Aim for a mix of aerobic, strength, and flexibility moves to get the most benefits.

If you’re on the hunt for things to do for Family Weekend (November 5-7), gather your loved ones and head on down to the Sun Devil Stadium for an ASU football game! This year, the game will be on Saturday, November 6th against our rival, the University of Southern California. Looking for other fun activities to do with your family and fellow Sun Devils that Saturday? We’ve got you covered! The SDFC is putting on its annual Gold Rush obstacle course at 8 AM!

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