Counseling Services

Inside the SDFC: Gari Hernandez

There is so much behind-the-scenes action at the SDFC that it can be difficult to comprehend it all. Smart financial management not only keeps the SDFC on solid ground, but it also allows the Complex to continue hosting fun, intriguing events. A central figure in this sense is Business Coordinator Gari Hernandez.

Try This: Get consulted by our dietitian

Eating right and sticking to a balanced diet is essential to Building Your Best You. But consulting with a registered dietitian can help students start down a path to proper nutrition and help those already on that path stay focused on reaching their goals. Luckily, the SDFC has its own dietitian to help both sets of students. 

Devils 4 Devils - Students helping students

ASU is a fantastic and caring community, one that never ceases to impress me.  Students consistently are working to ensure that not only will they succeed, but their peers will as well.