Live Well

Staying Hydrated This Summer

We always hear about the importance of drinking water, especially in the desert. After all, our bodies are about 60% water and it is often recommended that we drink at least 8 cups of water during the day for optimum health. We always hear that keeping hydrated is important, but what are the top reasons to drink plenty of water? Read on to find out what advantages you can get from staying hydrated!

Hacks to Get Active

During the school year, many students’ have time dedicated to school, homework, maybe a job on top of household responsibilities. Now that we’re at the start of the new semester, we can take the opportunity to direct our attention to our health and make time to be active. The CDC recommends that we get at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day for optimum health. For some of us that can feel like a tall order, but never fear!

Relieving Sore Muscles

Working out is a huge part of having a healthy lifestyle⁠—it strengthens our heart and lungs, builds strong muscles and bones, and keeps our bodies performing at their best. While you undergo strengthening, part of the process can cause you to experience sore muscles and an achy body. This is especially true when starting a new regimen or when we increase the intensity of a workout, since new muscles are being used or we are putting extra strain on them. Soreness is a sign that our muscles are adjusting to the exercise and that they are growing and getting stronger.

What’s On? For the Tearjerker Tycoon

Need a sad movie to cheer you up? In this installment, we cover the cathartically sad movies that will play with your emotions in all the right ways.

Awakenings (1990)

SAVE THE DATE: Health Expo

The Give ‘Em Health Devils Health Expo is coming to the Tempe Sun Devil Fitness Complex on 04/14! The festivities begin at 3 PM and end at 7 PM. Come and learn how to live a healthier life and get in on the free games, food, and prizes! There will be a range of activities and ways to learn more about wellness and how to incorporate it into your lifestyle. 

Finish Strong for Finals

The Spring semester is almost finished! Before we celebrate the arrival of Summer break, it is important for us Sun Devils to not check out mentally but to finish the school year strong. A big part of that is preparing for finals week. Putting finals on your radar earlier rather than later as well as studying can help you pass your classes with flying colors! Below are some tips to get the best grades possible for your finals:

How Are You?

We’re pushing through the Spring semester, and with that comes exams, papers, and other assignments. For some of us, this can be a stressful time with feelings of anxiety and burnout, so now is a good opportunity to check in with your mental health and evaluate how you’re doing. If you find that you are struggling, there are resources available to Sun Devils to help us out and get us back on the path to success. Below are five questions to ask yourself to assess how your mental health is doing and some tips to help bring balance.

Quick & Easy Hummus Dip

Hummus is a healthy, delicious dip that is packed full of protein and complex carbs. With some vegetables or pita chips on the side, it makes for a good post workout snack or a healthy quick lunch. This recipe for hummus, courtesy of Inspired Taste, is easy and made in 10 minutes. Check out their website for step-by-step pics, a video and other tips. This recipe makes about a cup and a half of hummus, leaving you with plenty to snack on and enjoy!

Easy Hummus


Meditation Spotlight: Mindful Breathing

Have you heard of meditation but are not sure on where to start? Maybe you’ve tried it before but didn’t have the success you were looking for. Read on for some tips and recommendations on starting your own meditation routine as well as a suggested meditation you can practice anywhere!

Keeping Our Campus Safe

It’s January and you can feel it in the crisp winter air. It’s the time of year to return back to campus and re-engage in our academic goals. Unfortunately, COVID-19 is as prevalent as ever, especially with the new Omicron variant. ASU is taking it seriously and has implemented some policy changes to help keep us all safe and healthy. Follow the policies and tips during this semester and we can make it a successful, healthy semester for all of us.