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Is Your Coffee Habit Healthy?

Here we spill the beans about coffee and its health effects.

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Activate Your Spring Break in AZ

In town for break? Read on for a list of the spring break destinations that are sure to keep you moving, right here in Arizona.

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How to eat healthy during the holidays

These tips will help you make smart eating choices while also enjoying your favorite holiday treats!

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Devils in Depth: Innovation

The Devils in Depth team converses with Sun Devils on a central theme. This edition we asked students about innovative things they've done at ASU.

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chopping coriander


Healthy College Recipes: Microwave Nachos

This microwave recipe can be prepared in a dorm room and will be ready to enjoy in as little as five minutes!

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vinayasa yoga class


AS(U) Should Try This: Vinyasa

Follow our team as we share our experiences taking Group Wellness classes! This week, one of our copywriters took on Vinyasa.

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