Sustainable Back-to-School Picks


Whether you’re new to university or an expert student, chances are you’ll need to restock on some school supplies before the semester begins. It’s especially important to try to be environmentally conscious, so we’ve rounded up our top-picks for eco-friendly items that will keep you thriving throughout the year.

  1. Terra Thread Backpack

    If you already know that your cute tote isn’t gonna cut it when it comes to hauling all your books and supplies, it’s time to get your hands on a Terra Thread backpack. Coming in a variety of cute colors, these backpacks are spacious and well-structured, with different pockets for your laptops, notebooks, water bottle, and keys. At a price point that competes with a Jansport backpack, you can feel good about your purchase knowing that your backpack is carbon neutral, made from fair trade, organic cotton, and helps support hunger relief efforts.

  2. ThermoFlask Water Bottle

    If you’ll remember the great Hydro Flask explosion that occurred a few years ago, the various knockoff brands that became available around that time may also come to mind. Although many did not hold up to Hydro Flask’s longlasting insulation, we find that ThermoFlask (which you may have seen in Costco) live up to Hydro Flask’s standards. Even better is the price, which is significantly lower than competitors. Although the color selection is a little more limited, you can still pick up the reusable water bottle you’ll need to brave the Arizona heat.

  3. Decomposition Notebooks

    There are two excellent things about this company: the products are made out of recycled paper, making them a more environmentally friendly purchase than the average spiral, and they offer artistic designs that appeal to everyone. Whether you’re passionate about music, science, wildlife, or travel, Decomposition has got notebooks that will make notetaking look good.

  4. Papier Planner

    Whether you’ve been utilizing a planner since middle school or have yet to move your assignment deadlines off the Notes app, Papier planners are the best way to get organized. While they can be a bit of a splurge, the fun, personalized designs on these hardcover books make them both expressive and sturdy. On the inside of their academic versions, you can enjoy calendars, schedule templates, goal-setting, and even a spot to draw your own self-portrait. What’s especially great about Papier is that they responsibly source their paper for each planner and each is made-to-order, keeping things low-waste.