For Parents and Families

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Simple actions parents and families can take to enhance student well-being:

  • Visit ASU Family to learn about upcoming activities and events, and resources to support your student’s success.
  • Visit Live Well ASU to Explore Wellness. Review information on wellness areas that impact the lives of college students.
  • Review current data on ASU student wellness
  • Prepare your student to take charge of his or her medical and mental health care needs.
    • - Ensure your student has health insurance, knows the carrier and plan, carries a member card, and understands the co-pay policy.
    • - Provide your student with a copy of his or her health history, to include a list of allergies, dates of completed vaccinations, significant health or mental health conditions their providers should be aware of.
    • - Empower your student to ask questions about their health or mental health condition, medicines prescribed to them, and their treatment plan.
    • - If your student is 18 or older, they will need to sign a waiver in order for you to have permission to speak to their healthcare provider.
  • Encourage your student to be involved in campus life.
    • - Having friends and other meaningful connections can help reduce stress and promote happiness.
    • - Leadership and involvement experiences contribute to career readiness.
  • Ask and learn what kind of support your student would like from you.
    • - Stressful personal situations are not uncommon.
      • - 16.1% of ASU students reported experiencing the death of a family member or friend in the past 12 months.
      • - 40.3% have been ill with a cold, the flu, or a sore throat.
      • - 43.9% of ASU students reported experiencing family problems such as financial, legal, health or relationship problems, within the past 12 months.
    • - When your student shares experiences with you, listening will go a long way to helping her or him to get through a personal situation.
    • - Ask and learn what kind of support your student would like from you.
    • - Ask what your student plans to do to cope with the situation.
    • - Refer students to the Dean of StudentsASU Health Services or ASU Counseling Services for assistance with their situation.
  • Encourage your student to participate in healthy activities like:
    • - Community service projects – there are many options available through ASU. Visit Changemaker Central at ASU and commit to action as a group.
    • - Participate in Outdoor Recreation, Group Fitness Classes, Triathlons, Weight lifting and other programs offered through Sun Devil Fitness.
    • - Plan a potluck or attend a cooking class with their students organization, or group of friends.
    • - Start their mornings with a workout, yoga or Tai Chi.