Zoom Etiquette—Improve Your Remote Learning Experience

Most of the classes at ASU this fall are on Zoom.  Many students are new to learning via Zoom, while others might want to improve their remote learning experience.  Here is a list of suggestions that will allow you and your peers to get more out of learning on this platform.  Following these tips will make remote learning feel more natural. 


It is best to dress as if you are attending an on-campus course.  Just because you are outside of the classroom does not mean you should attend your Zoom lecture in pajamas.  It is also important not to lax on your hygiene/grooming because “it’s only a video call.”  Not only will you look better, but you will also feel better—psychically and emotionally.  A shower helps you wake up and de-stress.  And dressing as if you’re going out helps distract from the fact that you’re not in a physical classroom.


The right location fosters better learning, while the wrong spot can detract from it.  Since you don’t have to leave your house, your bed might seem like a nicer, cozier alternative to a desk.  However, too much comfort makes it challenging to concentrate on your lecture.  The ideal location is at a desk in a quiet, distraction-free room.  This location should have a neutral background and should be well-lit.  However, be careful that it isn’t too bright because that could create a distracting glare.

Microphone Etiquette

When you are not speaking, you should mute your microphone so that background noises do not overpower the lecturer or students trying to share ideas.  During Zoom lectures, it can be difficult to ensure that each student receives an equal amount of attention.  If you turn your microphone off, you allow the class’s full attention to remain on one particular individual—just as in a classroom setting.  Just remember to turn your microphone back on when you’re ready to speak. 

Arrive Early

Sometimes you will experience technical difficulties—whether it is buffering or some other error.  You never know what will happen, so it is best to arrive early—about five minutes or so— to ensure you are ready when the instructor begins lecturing.  Arriving late can cause you to miss important information, such as announcements at the lecture’s start.

Clear Your Desk

A cluttered desk/work surface is not only distracting for you, but it also interferes with your ability to take notes or review passages in your textbook.  Furthermore, all of that clutter can shift the attention away from you.  If you’re not the center of attention within your own Zoom rectangle, then you will lose your peers’ engagement.