Heat-Friendly Outdoor Activities

The summer months are coming to an end, but the Phoenix heat is here to stay. We know it’s hard to even walk to your car, let alone work out in 104 degree weather, so we’ve come up with this list to help you out! Keep cool and stay active these next few weeks with some fun fitness ideas.


SDFC pool

Swimming is probably the first thing that comes to mind when the sidewalk is hot enough to fry an egg. ASU has four different Sun Devil Fitness facilities, all of which include complimentary pool access seven days a week. Bring your favorite swimsuit, a cap, and goggles to get in some laps! The refreshing water will keep you cool while you break a sweat and work those lats!

Bike Rides

Biking to work

Phoenix may be known for its extreme weather conditions, but it’s also known for some incredible sunsets. Views of the sky can be seen anywhere from outside, as we all know. Take the time to enjoy the beauty of nature while on a bike ride around the city or even Tempe Town Lake! Let the wind guide you on a path to wellness.


Pats Run


Sometimes, the healthiest way to run is to run on our indoor tracks or treadmills. But, if you’re trying to have a little fun with your exercise routine, try running through some sprinklers! Maybe you’re preparing for a marathon, maybe you need to get out of the house a little bit. Either way, letting some sprinklers cool you off during your run might just bring some refreshing thoughts to help you finish it out!


Paddleboarding in sdfc pool


Tempe Town Lake is a great source of water activities (except swimming). You can get out on the water, enjoy the views, and get a good workout in all at the same time! At Tempe Beach Park, you can rent your very own paddleboard and use your arm strength and balancing skills to paddle down the lake. Be aware, you are guaranteed to be sore the next day!

Sunrise Hike

watching sunrise on A mountain


Arizona sunrises can be comparable to the breathtaking sunsets over the desert at the end of each day, but they have something very important that sunsets don’t: cool temperatures. Waking up early can help you be more alert and active throughout the day, and what better way to use this newfound energy than on a sunrise hike up A Mountain? Hikes are good full-body workouts that can boost your mood, and the cool, crisp morning air will help you reach the top without all the sweat!

Despite all the heat, we know how to get out and move! There are so many more ways to be active during the summer, and it’s up to you to figure out what works best for you. Stay cool and hydrated these next few weeks, and keep working hard!