Finding balance amid busy college life

Being in college can be overwhelming. Finding a balance between studying, campus activities and a social life can be hard, but it is the key to achieving success. So, how do you manage your time and how do you maintain the motivation for everything you plan to achieve? Here are a few tips for you.

Set goals and priorities

Set goals

Knowing exactly what you want from your college experience can push you forward drastically. When you graduate, what do you want to accomplish? Understand your long term goals academically, professionally, and socially, and work for them day by day.


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Create a plan of action. What small steps will lead you to your long term goals? Is it studying regularly, staying on top on class assignments, gaining experiences through internships, part time employment, working out regularly, or maybe expanding your social network? These all can lead you to the long term goals that you have in mind. Start a daily schedule for studying, working out, social activities and meeting new people.

Manage your time effectively

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Keeping a balance in your life and achieving your long-term/short-term goals requires good time management. Avoid procrastination. Getting things done on time and staying organized helps you better achieve your goals and reduce stress and anxiety.

Develop effective study habits. Figure out the times and places that you concentrate best. Study groups are good for completing assignments or writing. Quiet space works better for reading.

Stay active

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Stay physically active to maintain a balance between body and mind work. Finding a workout partner can be motivating. Check out the activities, events and fitness groups on Sun Devil Fitness website. Make a routine for your workout and set realistic workout goals (one step at a time). Make a playlist for your workout or listen to your favorite podcast or audio book, and remember to make sure you’re staying hydrated.

Maintain a healthy diet

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Achieving your goals requires eating well and sleeping well. Make sure you consume the nutrition that your body needs. Recognize that the quality of your sleep affects your immune system, mental health and how you manage stress. If you have trouble falling sleep at night, stay more active during the day, turn off all screens an hour before going to bed, take less caffeine during the day and meditate before sleeping instead of relying on medications.

Engage in the community

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Find clubs or events that fit your interests. You can check out ASU’s involvement fair to learn more about the clubs here on campus.

By joining clubs and events, you can find new friends and people who inspire you. It also expands your social network and gives you skills that you can benefit from in the future.


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Find your best methods for relaxing and relieving stress. Some people find being out in nature or hiking relaxing, while some people de-stress by hanging out with friends or family and some people de-stress with sports. Whatever works for you, make sure you’re taking the time to unwind once in a while. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, remember to ask for help.