Change the World: Unique opportunities abound for patrons of all types

ASU’s Change the World served as an opportunity for student-run organizations and impactful companies alike to establish an atmosphere that encourages social and scientific education in addition to sweeping change. Here’s what it was like to be a fly on the wall at the March 27 event.

After being greeted with some buttery popcorn and ASU merch, you could begin your journey through the many informative tables and open mic events spread throughout Sun Devil Stadium.

Walking through can seem a little intimidating at first. A booth for ethical water use and consumption is situated to your right, and there’s a stage to your left where someone shares their ideas on technological advances that can create a more sustainable environment. But the more you listen, the more exciting the experience becomes!

You have so many chances to learn something outside of the classroom, and Change the World is one such chance. It’s a fun environment filled with people whose imagination, efforts and achievements make the world a better place. This is your time to ask questions and spark conversations about what you can do for your planet or even your community.

There are several opportunities to learn about reproductive health, ethical product and clothing practices, sexual violence prevention and more. The students who put together their booths are very passionate and ready to share their ideas on how to alter life for the better. Of course, you can also find our own Wellness booth, and you can learn even more about what it means to live well and build your best you!

Whether you’re a singer, belly dancer, or yo-yo performer, Change the World is a place for you to showcase your talents and passions. Artists can display their evocative paintings and photography for guests and participants. Striking paintings reflect the chains to which great women and minorities are restricted and photos bring to life the beauty of friendship.

Everyone has the power to change the world. ASU gives these students a space to share their live performances, arts and idea exhibitions with family and friends. Next time you come on through, bring the people close to you — together, you can learn and grow as people who are truly ready to change the world.