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How can students who are in recovery from alcohol and other drug addiction, eating disorders, self-harm, or traumatic experiences, who are interested in recovery, or want to support someone in recovery become involved in a thriving community? Join Recovery Rising, ASU’s Collegiate Recovery Program!

As we continue to support our Collegiate Recovery community, Recovery Rising is encouraging students to explore options in their community to where students can attend recovery meetings. Participation in campus supported events are open to all students and alumni in recovery. Below are the days/times for the scheduled meetings that will be occurring until further notice:

  • Wednesday at Noon is when meetings are being held. 

To access each of the upcoming recovery meetings please contact Friends of Recovery Advisory for opportunities to join meetings. 

Recovery Rising takes action to:

  • Increase the visibility of the recovery lifestyle at ASU.
  • Connect ASU students in recovery with Friends of Recovery for social events, education, community service, support and meetings.
  • Educate and support our ASU community to better understand recovery and how to support students in recovery.
  • Enhance access to ASU programs and services to students in recovery. 

One More Step Recovery Walk

Explore the ASU Tempe campus and learn how ASU supports students in recovery. By experiencing a self-guided, relaxing stroll, determine where services are provided and find places to meditate, connect and recharge.

One More Step Recovery Walk

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Steps to get involved:

  • Sign up for Recovery Rising’s Facebook Group and Instagram to stay in the know about meetings, activities and social events.
    • - Facebook is a closed group. You will need to ask the administrators to make you a member. Instagram is an open group.
  • Email us to receive more information on Recovery Rising or to get Recovery Rising gear and wear/use it proudly
  • Participate in community service activities hosted through Recovery Rising.
  • Volunteer to help plan and facilitate virtual activities.
  • Bring a friend.
  • Check out the resources available on the ASU Community Link.

Students in recovery are:

  • Motivated
  • Driven
  • Focused
  • Thriving

ASU Students discuss recovery.  

Recovery Rising YouTube channel

Sun Devils Anonymous Meetings

As we continue to support our Collegiate Recovery community, Recovery Rising is encouraging students to explore options for meetings in their area. 

To access each of the upcoming Collegiate All-Recovery meetings please contact Recovery Rising for opportunities to join meetings. 

Check out Recovery Rising’s Facebook Group and Instagram for location specifics and updates.

To find substance abuse treatment and providers in your area, please access the ASU Community Link or


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