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What is ScreenU?

ScreenU is a confidential and anonymous screening tool designed to help students understand immediate and long-term risk for alcohol, marijuana or prescription drug misuse. After completing a series of questions, students receive substance use safety and risk level information along with feedback and strategies to reduce risk for experiencing negative consequences.

To take ScreenU:

  1. Select one of the programs below to learn more about your risk level associated with the following substances:
  2. Once you have selected the type of screening you would like to complete, read the welcome information and enter your gender identity, class rank and age.
  3. Click "Begin" to start the screening.
  4. Review your results.
  5. Select and complete another ScreenU screening.

What does ScreenU do?

When you access ScreenU, you are prompted to enter information about yourself and answer questions. Based upon on the results of your screening, you will receive customized feedback specific to your substance use risk level, behavior change recommendations and resources for prevention, treatment and recovery when appropriate.