Online Programs

  • Alcohol e-Check Up to Go - Receive accurate and personalized feedback about your alcohol use and risks.
  • Alcohol-Wise - Improve your knowledge on alcohol and the risks associated with underage and high risk drinking.
  • Consent and Respect - Enhance your understanding of sexual violence among college students, and how this might impact you and your friends.
  • Everfi AlcoholEdu - Designed to assist college students think critically about choices related to alcohol use and understand the risk associated with underage and high-risk drinking.
  • Everfi Prescription Drug Abuse and Prevention - Designed to arm college students with the knowledge and skills to make healthy, informed decisions when it comes to prescription medications. Beginning January 2020, this is a new online training offered to ASU students.
  • Everfi Violence Prevention – Sexual violence prevention and education program to enhance your understanding of these issues and how it affects college students. Beginning in January 2020, replaces Consent and Respect.
  • Marijuana e-Check Up to Go - Receive accurate and personalized feedback about your marijuana use and risks.
  • Personal Wellness Profile - Learn about your current health status, receive personalized wellness recommendations and connect with ASU resources to support your health and well-being.
  • Step Up! - Enhance your understanding of and commitment to use effective methods to intervene to help someone who is in harm’s way.
Wellness @ ASU YouTube Channel

This is a go-to channel for wellness videos and information prepared for ASU students through Wellness at ASU. Click and explore the topics of your choice.