Inside the SDFC: Raul Noah Lizalde and Nathan Loya

Raul Noah Lizalde

Raul Noah Lizalde

Nathan Loya

Nathan Loya

If you come to the SDFC often enough, you may begin to recognize the staff members around the facility. But have you ever seized the chance to get to know them?

Raul Noah Lizalde is a student who works at the front desk and in the equipment room. When he’s not working toward his finance degree or playing sports, Lizalde is here at the SDFC, making sure people get what they need.

“The job may not seem that exciting on the outside, but it’s really cool because I get to meet new people and help them out,” Lizalde said.

On an average day in the equipment room, Lizalde checks out various pieces of equipment like basketballs and racquetballs to gym-goers. He is also responsible for keeping items organized and clean. When he’s at the administration desk, he greets people and sells memberships.

“The best part is helping someone out and then seeing them around,” Lizalde said. “Sometimes we become friends, and that’s always fun.”

Lizalde explained that working at a gym has pushed him to become more active. Though he loves playing frisbee, his passion has taken a backseat to studying and schoolwork. Working in a place that is conducive to exercising helps him feel motivated and allows him to enjoy the experiences he has here.

“Being here allows me easy access to working out when I wouldn’t have time otherwise,” Lizalde said. “I’m in the gym exercising three to four days a week, so I’m able to stay in shape.”

Nathan Loya works as a fitness supervisor with a similar experience and feeling toward the SDFC. Loya is a sports business major and applied for a position at the complex to be near athletics.

“I’ve always been an athlete growing up, and I’m constantly looking for ways to keep that in my life,” Loya said.

Loya is fascinated by sports, but more specifically, how teams and sports organizations operate.

“I’ve always wanted to know what goes on behind-the-scenes,” Loya said. “There’s this whole other business side to things that you don’t get to see.”

As a fitness supervisor, Loya makes sure gym-goers are safe and offers them assistance when they need it.

“I’m always just making sure people are okay,” Loya said. “I spot them on certain workouts and answer all of their questions too.”

Outside of work, Loya spends most of his time with his fraternity brothers, where he participates in philanthropies and other events.

“I do pretty much everything with my fraternity, but it’s cool to come [to the SDFC] for a change of pace and focus on things like working out,” Loya said.

Both Loya and Lizalde enjoy their jobs, especially when they get to meet the people who frequent the SDFC. So if you see them around the gym, don’t hesitate to say hi!