Inside the SDFC: Gari Hernandez


There is so much behind-the-scenes action at the SDFC that it can be difficult to comprehend it all. Smart financial management not only keeps the SDFC on solid ground, but it also allows the Complex to continue hosting fun, intriguing events. A central figure in this sense is Business Coordinator Gari Hernandez.

Hernandez is majoring in economics and computer science. He began working at the SDFC as a Business Specialist in Dec. 2016, and he was eventually promoted to a coordinator position last year. His background in the former made him a natural fit for that job at the SDFC.

 “I’ve always liked psychology, but [economics] is like psychology, [just] business-driven,” Hernandez said. “Economics is really just the study of math psychology and consumer behavior.”

As a coordinator, Hernandez oversees of business operations and revenue at the SDFC, and as such his days can get fairly busy, and time management can be a challenge. His department effectively administers purchases made by other departments, and a big part of his job is to reconcile those purchases with bank statements, making sure that everything is accounted for and in order.
“I play the part of the controller for facility rentals, and I’m in charge of the revenue account,” Hernandez explained. “I basically take care of the invoicing process from start to finish whenever someone rents a facility out. It’s a lot of accounting, it’s really good experience for anybody who’s into accounting and business operations.”
Each month, Hernandez logs everything from transfers to petty cash deposits and credit card logs. He has to create purchase vouchers for bills that need to be paid, like utilities. In addition, he acts as a liaison between the SDFC and vendors who wish to rent out facilities, keeping up with them until the SDFC can collect payment after an event.
“The vendors I’m in constant contact with are facility renters, so it’s organizations on-campus or off-campus that wish to rent out space at the SDFC,” Hernandez said. “A lot of it is mostly fraternities and sororities renting out for Rush events.”
Hernandez says that the experience he’s receiving at the SDFC is the most rewarding part of his gig.
“I came in as a freshman just starting to experience what college was all about,” he said. “Working my way toward coordinator has been the most rewarding part about it.”
When he graduates in 2020, Hernandez wants to be on the fast track to starting his own business — one that involves both his degrees.
“I want to start my own cybersecurity and accounting firm, put my degrees to good use,” he said.
Away from the SDFC, Hernandez is a voracious reader, having recently finished the late Stephen Hawking’s “A Brief History of Time.” Hernandez’s department is hiring as well, so anyone interesting in working with dollars on a day-to-day basis is encouraged to apply!