Finish Strong for Finals

The Spring semester is almost finished! Before we celebrate the arrival of Summer break, it is important for us Sun Devils to not check out mentally but to finish the school year strong. A big part of that is preparing for finals week. Putting finals on your radar earlier rather than later as well as studying can help you pass your classes with flying colors! Below are some tips to get the best grades possible for your finals:


Plan out study sessions for each class. By planning out your study sessions for each class, you’ll get a better idea of how much time you need to dedicate and how much work you’ll need to prepare. Be sure to schedule your study sessions on your phone calendar so that you have reminders to help you better execute your game plan.

Study early. It is best to start your study plan a few weeks before finals week. Set aside some time each day per class. Give yourself plenty of time to study, memorize, and understand the material so that you are prepared for the final exam.

Prioritize your time by the difficulty of the class. If one class gave you more trouble during the semester, prioritize more study time for that subject. Look over your previous exams and homework to see what you didn’t understand and see if you have a better idea about the material now. If you are still confused about a concept or question, ask your professor for clarification. You can ask them during office hours, send them an email, or talk to them during class. Getting clarification as soon as possible will help you retain the information for the final exam.

Connect with classmates and form a study group. Hearing different perspectives on concepts can help solidify them in our minds. Set up a plan to meet with friends and classmates to go over the class material, talk through tough points, and compare notes. As you talk about the material, it will make it more clear to you, and you’ll have the benefit of other people to ask questions when you’re not certain about something.

Quiz yourself or teach others. Get a family member or friend involved with your studying and have them quiz you. This helps you to actively remember the material better than just a review. Teaching the content to someone else will also reinforce the material within your mind—plus, your “student” may benefit from some interesting new knowledge!

Schedule breaks. It is important to take brain breaks while you are studying, at least once after every 60-90 minutes. By taking a break, you’ll improve your concentration and get more out of your review session. Try our 3-Minute Study Break Workout, going for a walk, watching a favorite TV show, or playing your favorite game. You can also try out the Pomodoro technique: set a timer and study hard for 25 minutes, take a 5-10 minute break, rinse and repeat.

Take care of your body. Make sure that you are getting enough sleep, food and water. It may be tempting to stay up all night cramming for your finals, but sacrificing sleep can cause stress on the body and you won’t retain as much information. Be sure to also eat plenty of healthy food and stay hydrated. It will help your brain perform at its best!

Good luck, Devils! You got this!