Devils in Depth: Making friends

“Devils in Depth” is a project that gets down to earth and captures the diversity of Arizona State’s student population. We engage in conversations with students in an effort to learn more about their passions and get a feel for who they really are. Then, we ask them for their thoughts on a central theme. This month’s theme is making friends.


“I’m a Computer Science major and I meet a lot of people by joining clubs that relate to my major. Going out and exploring is a good way too, whether it’s off campus or within the dorms. I ask people what their favorite things are to start the conversation like ‘what’s your favorite food?'”


“I go to Starbucks a lot and meet people there. If we hit it off, we will exchange social media and talk even more later.”


“I just talk to new people everyday and introduce myself. I ask them how they’re doing and I also compliment them if I like their clothes or hair.”


“You see someone and just go up and talk to them or find an opening in a conversation to make a move from there. I’m pretty introverted but if I’m making conversation I just ask them what their interests are.”


“I come to the SDFC and go to Group Wellness classes.”