Devils in Depth: Session B classes and internship plans

Angelica D'Augusta, Graphic Information Technology

Angelica D'Augusta

From a young age, I always had a technical desire to do creative things. In high school I learned Photoshop, Illustrator and Adobe. That kind of re-sparked my interest in that field. I’m taking HTML web design classes, so that has a lot of mockups, user research and wireframing.

My favorite class is the class that I TA for, which is Intro to HTML and CSS. I’ve already taken it once myself and I was a TA for it last semester, so it’s just something that keeps me in check with remembering how to do the basics. It also gives me good leadership experience, and I get paid for it.

I’m taking two session B classes right now. One is Geology 103, which is a lab, and then Religion 202. Internships are the goal, but nothing is set in stone. I want to intern back in California in the San Francisco area. I’m honestly intrigued by smaller startups, the smaller companies that focus more on team dynamic and culture.

Mckenna Gattis, Film Major

McKenna Gattis

I have always wanted to be a film major. I started making films when I was nine years old. As I got through middle school and high school, I got involved in more classes and knew it was what I wanted to do. Right now, I’m taking a film creative practices class and I’m taking a first-year seminar and English 101. The design and comp class is my favorite because we’re writing our own story based off a fairytale and we’re making it into a movie, so it’s like a twisted fairytale movie.

I don’t have any internship plans right now, but I know that I want to be a director. I want to start in music videos and work my way up into independent films and TV shows.

Jack Oberhaus, Biology and Society

Jack Oberhaus

I chose biology randomly as a freshman, and it was interesting enough to stick around for through senior year. The most compelling part was the different courses and the opportunity to do hands-on projects that were unique to the major. I also liked all the people in it! I really like my gardening class, which is actually through the SDFC. It’s a nice chance to unwind and in a couple months, I’ll have food to eat. That class is session B, and it’s really cool!

I don’t have internship plans for now. I want to take a gap year to work on my music and train my dog. I’m taking it easy.

I play the guitar and banjo and love folk music. I want to get my abilities up and understand the theories of everything. I’m paying attention to what I need to work on, and then maybe join a band.

I want to do medical device sales for my actual career. I would love to be a musician, but I do want to make money. Doing medical device sales also goes perfectly with my major, so that should be good.

Megan Sleeper, Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus in Anthropology and Biology

Megan Sleeper

When I started at ASU, I took an anthropology class and knew that it was definitely what I wanted to do. I combined anthropology with biology so that it would be more recognizable to people. Anthropology combines all the subjects I’ve been interested in all my life like social justice, history, anatomy, archeology and all those things combined. I think it’s super important because it’s about telling the human story, and that applies to every degree and every discipline.

Right now, I’m taking a lot of biology classes and some archeology classes. My interdisciplinary studies class is a session B, and it’s about learning about how to think interdisciplinarily [sic]. My favorite class is Death and Dying in Cross-Cultural Perspectives. We talk about how different cultures commemorate death and how they bury their various dead people and what it means.

I’m studying abroad over summer in Dublin! Hopefully, I’ll be getting a placement in a museum or zoo where I can work more with anthropology and biology.