#6 Seed ASU Men’s Club Basketball to compete in NCBBA National Tournament Championship

After a big comeback win against Grand Canyon University, 67-61, the ASU Men’s Club Basketball Team won the NCBBA Regional Tournament leading them to the National Championship Tournament in Sound Bend, Indiana!  The Sun Devils have had the chance to travel to Flagstaff, but will be heading out of state for the first time to Indiana.

Even though this is the team’s first season, they are currently the #6 seed heading into the National Championship Tournament. The team continues to thrive and accomplish their goals.  Head coach, Hrag Yazijian, has high hopes for the Sun Devils and believes they will give it their all, not just in basketball, but in their future. “Our team motto is ‘Manhood’. Becoming a man is an evolution and I aspire to create good men out of this.

The Sun Devils will play their first game Friday, April 6th against #3 seed Ohio State University. Although Ohio State has a big reputation for being a nationally ranked team,  sophomore point guard, Jason Jarrett isn’t too worried having to play the Buckeye’s on Friday.

“I do have some jitters, but that’s why I rely on my guys to be there for me on the court. Ohio is worth the hype, but so are we.” The tournament set up consists of 8 teams, single elimination. A win Friday would pit the Sun Devils against the winner of East Carolina University or Indiana University in the semi-final game.

Along with the team being there for each other on the court, sophomore power forward, Rex Greabell recognizes the camaraderie off the court as well. “I think it’s great that we have guys that mesh together, and we hang out and it’s just fun. We are one in the same basically.” This connection between that the players share has a stake in their debut success and only continues to show that basketball for them is more than just a game.

Sophomore forward, Tyler Guest, sees the shared mentality of the team as men that are playing for more than just the game. “It’s more than just basketball for us. We all have a lot of fun outside of basketball.” The playfulness of the players also transitions onto the court as well. Where the players are actively displaying and living Coach Yazijian’s mantra of ‘Manhood’ in their own lives.


We are excite and wish all the luck to the Sun Devils in their games at the NCBBA National Tournament Championship. The team is composed of young players and we wish for their success. As Coach Yazijian says, “I’m a symbolic coach. ‘What are you playing for?’ You are playing for your pride.’ I’m preparing them for when adversity hits their life.”

The team agrees and are preparing to hang their own banner in the Sun Devil Fitness Complex. The Sun Devils will be playing at 5 P.M. EST and live stats will be available during that time at ncbbabasketball.com and the game will also be streamed live at the Coll Club Sports Radio Network. All Sun Devils are encouraged to tweet about the game and show their support however they can. Good luck and go Sun Devils!