Instagram livestreams help new, returning Sun Devils

So, you’re coming to ASU in the fall? Awesome! You must be excited…to drown in so much information in the first week of school. You have to worry about housing, tuition and figuring out where your classes are — and what’s this you hear about a secret garden?

Fret not, you newbies are in luck.

Trenton Nettles, senior health educator for Live Well @ ASU at the Sun Devil Fitness Complex, has started an Instagram livestream series to give the new Devils the lay of the land. The Know Before You Go livestream Q&A session is aimed at first-year students and transfers, but this information is useful to all ASU students.

“The goal of the Q&A session is to help students become familiar with the resources that we offer prior to them coming to campus,” Nettles said.

This Q&A sessions discuss health related topics and resources available to all ASU students, such as Group Wellness classes at the SDFC, Nutrition and the Center for Mindfulness.

Nettles has spearheaded the program with some help from students to aid in recording and various guests who offer their expertise each session. Nettles emphasized the fact that new students go through a lot in the summer before college and they recieve and digest information in different ways.

“This is just another avenue to reach students wherever they’re at,” Nettles said.

Nettles mentioned that a student survey yielded some interesting results, mainly that many students pay attention to social media, by and large.

The crux of the series is to engage with students and provide them the tools and resources to succeed. Nettles said that’s what drove him to take part in this project, and it’s in part why the rest of the Live Well @ ASU team is here.

The livestream series is now at the halfway mark, with three left for the summer. Nettles said the remaining livestreams will focus on health promotion in college (July 11), Intramurals and club sports (July 25) and a “questions that need answers” session on Aug. 8 — in which he and perhaps another colleague will discuss any scenario streamers may throw at them. If you’ve missed the first three sessions, then save your questions for the very last livestream.

“We’re not hard to get a hold of and there are no stupid questions,” Nettles said. “So if you have anything you want to know about, feel free to reach out. We’re here to make sure you have the best experience as a Sun Devil.” 
Be sure to tune into the upcoming live streams on the SDFC’s Instagram page asusundevilfitness.