How to eat healthy during the holidays

The holiday season is here, and that means the hot chocolate will be flowing and the desserts will be plentiful. You shouldn’t deprive yourself of your favorite treats, but it’s important to remember that holiday goodies shouldn’t take over your normal diet. Here are a few tips to help you out!

1. Don’t go grocery shopping or to the party on an empty stomach

Whether you’re the host or the guest, it’s smart to eat something healthy before you head to a place filled with tempting food. If you arrive with something already in your stomach, you will be less tempted to pile your plate or cart with sugary treats and fatty foods. Even just a light snack before will likely be enough to hold off cravings and stop you from snatching up one too many holiday pies or cakes.

2. Set boundaries for yourself

Hold yourself accountable. You deserve that piece of pie, but you probably don’t need 3 of them! If you give yourself a limit for what you can eat beforehand, it’ll be easier to stop yourself from overeating. You can even tell your friends and family what your limits are so that they know to respect them.

3. Go for the veggies

There are so many delicious holiday options that are on the healthier side, like seasoned green beans and salads with delectable dressings. Try to put more of those on your plate and less of the unhealthy dishes. It doesn’t hurt to ask relatives if they can try to keep things on the lighter side, or contribute a nutritious dish yourself! That way, you can balance the healthier foods with the heavier ones.

4. Try a holiday tea instead of sugary drinks

You can still get the flavors of the season without all the sugar. There are many great teas that will bring flavor and festivity with less sugar and caffeine than other holiday concoctions like Starbucks frappuccinos or hot chocolate! Not to mention, tea has plenty of antioxidants and may boost your immune system! This may even be a good way to fight off sickness, as colder weather often brings a higher chance of getting sick.

5. Dance it out or walk it off

Put on those holiday jams and dance! You don’t always have to be in the gym to get a good workout in. Just moving around is good for your body, so take advantage of the season and let the music guide your movement. You can also invite your family and friends on walks before or after dinner to get active. You’ll feel better about indulging in those treats knowing you got some fun exercise in, too!