DIY ice cream, pizza and more — all with a healthy twist!

Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to give up favorite treats. Making some healthy swaps can help you enjoy treats more often and maybe save some money, too!

Totally Tasty Pudding

Have a sweet tooth after dinner? This pudding doesn’t come out of a packet, and the creaminess comes from a sneaky healthy ingredient — avocado!

To make your chocolate avocado pudding, simply blend together a few ingredients, let it chill for a bit and enjoy!

Cauliflower Fried Rice

Rice can be a great addition to your meal, but switching it up and using cauliflower instead can pack some nutritional punch!  Maybe you’ve heard of cauliflower “rice,” but this cauliflower fried rice recipe takes it up a notch! If you’ve got a food processor, a cauliflower and a few more easy ingredients, you’re already on your way. Add a dash of soy sauce and you’ve got a healthier alternative to a takeout favorite.



French Not-Fries

Craving hot, crispy, salty French fries? Make them a little healthier by baking instead of frying, and using heart-healthy olive oil! Find the recipe here for crispy fries that will satisfy your craving. Try adding different seasonings or using sweet potatoes to switch up your French fry game.


DIY Pizza

Love pizza? Enjoy it more often by making a healthier, more budget-friendly version. Try starting with pita bread or English muffins as your base. If you’re feeling fancy, a homemade pizza dough can impress your friends while using just five ingredients.

Think outside of meat and cheese with your toppings! Add some sautéed or roasted veggies — to kick things up a notch, mix some black pepper, garlic powder and other favorite spices. Toss it with the veggies before cooking! You can also top your pizza with spinach, basil or arugula for some flavor and a bonus batch of nutrients.


Make a Condiment the Star!

Condiments add some extra taste to our favorite healthy foods! Making your own can be fun and can also help you customize your favorites to include ingredients you have on hand, cut back on added sugar or experiment with a different spice combo. You can try making your own BBQ sauce or making your own pesto. These can spice up chicken, sandwiches or pasta!

Consider ways to make even ordinary condiments a little more healthy and delicious. Avocado is great to spread on toast or a flatbread and has a similar texture to butter. Or, try experimenting with salsa and hummus — you can buy them in stores or create your own to make some of your favorite quick meals a little more exciting!

You Scream, I Scream for Healthy Ice Cream

Everyone loves ice cream! If you’re craving something sweet and cold but want to try a healthier alternative, try this sneakily delicious recipe.

You can jazz it up with blueberries, peanut butter, coconut shavings or mint leaves. This treat offers the sweetness and creaminess of ice cream while giving you an additional serving of fruit!


Veggies? In Brownies?!?

Everyone needs a sweet treat now and then, but your sweet tooth might mean indulging in high-sugar treats. Look for ways to make your dessert a little healthier with less added sugar and a few secret ingredients. Why not give Sweet Potato Brownies or Chickpea Blondies a try?

You can definitely fit your favorite treats into your diet, but some healthy alternatives can boost your nutrient intake while making you feel like a kitchen genius!