Devils in Depth: Fitness routines

“Devils in Depth” is a project that gets down to earth and captures the diversity of Arizona State’s student population. We engage in conversations with students in an effort to learn more about their passions and get a feel for who they really are. Then, we ask them for their thoughts on a central theme. This month’s theme is fitness routines.


 “I play Ultimate Frisbee, so that’s three nights a week for two hours. It’s pretty hard work but that’s my main workout. Maybe I’ll go for a run or something too. I like to run all kinds of places like parks or just around the block. But if I’m moving, it’s usually for frisbee.

During the holidays, I go back home to Connecticut. Obviously it’s winter, so it sucks being outside there. But I’ll go for a bike ride or something even when it’s cold. I usually just like to relax during the breaks though. I get to unwind and focus on myself. I’m a pescatarian and I don’t eat a lot of fast food or anything so I don’t have to worry about about too much food-wise, even during the holidays. But yeah, the breaks are my time to replenish and take it easy.”


 “I think it’s pretty difficult to stay fit during the school year. I go to the gym when I can and just get on the treadmill and the StairMaster. Maybe I’ll lift some lighter weights sometimes. School is pretty busy. When I’m in school, fitness and working out goes to the bottom of my list. There are a lot of other priorities because I wouldn’t even be sleeping enough, so how can I have a good workout when I’m constantly drained?

I definitely work out more on breaks, though! That’s something I’m really good about. If I have a little bit more time and I don’t have exams coming up or homework, then it’s easier for me to get to the gym. My mind is definitely more at ease and I just feel better about myself because I have a clear head and a chance to do things for myself. But when I have all of that going on, not so much. That’s why I need the holidays—for the sake of my mind and body.”


“I work out, and I go to the gym at least five days a week. I am always working out and pushing my boundaries and limits. I spend about two hours at the gym and I use a squat rack. I love working out my legs and I don’t want my legs to be skinny, so I like squats and deadlifts.

Nothing really changes for me during the holidays. I might sleep in a little longer, but it’s not that different. I definitely feel better when I’m able to take a beat and stop for a second. But even so, I never stop my workout routine. Five days a week always.”


 “I work out constantly throughout the week for an hour or two a day. I run and I lift. I play Intramurals too. The Intramurals I do are soccer, football and basketball. It keeps me busy and pretty active. Soccer is my favorite because it’s a sport I’ve always loved. But they didn’t make enough leagues for it this year. There’s like 14 teams that got waitlisted, so I don’t get to play this year. It’s pretty bummy, especially being a senior. But I find other ways to workout like at the gym.

During the holidays, I usually get way lazier. I eat a lot more, especially on Thanksgiving and Christmas. How could you not, right? But then I don’t want to work out as much. I kind of shed it off when school starts again though.”


 “I’m a dance major, so I dance every day. When everyone else sits in lectures, I’m in a ballet class, so that makes me feel pretty healthy. And then sometimes my friends like to go to the gym every now and then. We don’t go a lot because we’re lazy outside of dance but sometimes we do.

My favorite type of dance is probably ballet because it’s the one I find more enjoyable. I find it more enjoyable because the music is nice and it allows you to move in a fluid way. I’m not the best at it, but I love it.

During the holidays, I don’t work out at all. I’m lazy. I definitely take care of myself mentally though. All I do is sit on the couch, which I think is good for me because I do the exact opposite during the year. But it’s good for my mind because I don’t dread being busy and active when school starts back up.”