Devils in Depth: End-of-semester and summer goals

Isabel (Chemical Engineering)


I am going to work mainly during the summer. I plan on working for a math program at ASU, and I’ll be a mentor for the program for high school students. It means basically just taking care of them, and they’re going to be living on campus so I’ll be with them. I’ll get to hang out with them, which I’m excited about! That will be for eight weeks — plus, I have trainings.

I am also going to go to Sonora, Mexico! I have family over there and a lot of friends, so that’ll be fun. I’ll definitely be going to the beach, but I don’t have anything specific planned out yet. I’m just going to get there and go from there.

Before summer starts, I need to pass all of my classes. Physics is one I’m a little more stressed about because there’s a lot of work that goes into it. All my classes are kind of generic right now, so I’m not that excited about any of them. Right now, I’m just looking forward to summer. And next semester, I’ll definitely do internships but nothing specific right now.

Parth (Supply Chain and Management)


For the summer, I will be interning for a supply chain department. I’m excited for that. That’s in San Francisco.

I’m actually from India, New Delhi. I spent 18 years there and came here for a college degree. I’m going home there for a month if I don’t get deported.

My parents are actually coming for graduation and then we’re going to Hawaii, and then San Francisco and L.A. And then I’m going back to India and coming back again to work here in San Francisco.

Before summer starts, I want to graduate. So I kind of want to end the semester strong by making strong connections with my friends. You know, like saying goodbye to everyone and just making sure we all stay in touch even though it’s super sad.

Garrett (Mechanical Engineering)


I’m staying down here. I’m not taking any summer classes, but I found a job out here. I’m from Colorado, and I was planning on going back home, but I figured it’d be a lot easier to stay down here than to move back home. I applied for a job at Insight Motors, which is a car dealership a little bit south of campus. It’s a lot of car washing, detailing, loading cars, loading trailers, just stuff like that.

I’m planning on going back to Colorado after finals for about a week and a half. And then, I’m going to Nebraska for a week and a half for a competition.

I plan to [work out over the summer]. Since engineering students don’t have a lot of free time, I don’t have a lot of time to go to the gym. But once classes are over, I plan to go to the gym a lot.

I’d like to pass all my classes [before the semester ends]. [My hardest class] is probably Calc 3 right now. It’s just the way the class is. Calc 2 was hard but Calc 3 is like Calc 2 expanded, so it’s not as hard, but it’s still pretty rough.

Reilly (Tourism)


I’m working at a rec center over the summer at home, in Colorado. I find out this week what position I get, so I don’t know [what I’m doing] yet. I’m going to either be a lifeguard or an outdoor pool manager. I’d rather be an outdoor pool manager because I want to work with people.

My minor is in Parks and Rec, so it gives me some managerial experience. I can hopefully work my way up. [My major] was one of the easiest ones to do, and my minor is only offered online and at Downtown Phoenix.

I’m going to be working at a pool, so I’m going to be doing some cardio, swimming. I also want to do some weightlifting at the rec center itself. I want to learn how to meal prep in a healthy way — I have to eat more meat because I’m anemic.