Cop Some Z’s


Do you wake up feeling like you haven’t even rested during the night? If you’re like the average college student, chances are pretty high. Not getting enough sleep makes it hard to be awake and can affect our performance, too, so it’s important to learn why and how we can repair our sleep.

What happens when we are sleep deprived:

  • Feeling tired when you need to be awake and alert
  • Difficulty concentrating in classes 
  • Struggling to focus on homework and tasks
  • Trouble remembering class material
  • Disengagement when studying
  • Lower grade point averages

The Facts:

  • 70% to 96% of college students get less than 8 hours of sleep each weeknight
  • Over 50% of college students get less than 7 hours of sleep per night
  • Adults need 7 to 9 hours of good, restful sleep to perform at their best
  • Students who reported the most stable, consistent sleep patterns earned an average  GPA of 3.66, while students with the most variable sleep earned an average GPA of 3.21

Sometimes getting enough sleep can be easier said than done. Here are the top 10 tips to get in a good, restful eight hours!

  1. Avoid caffeine within a few hours of bedtime. 
  2. Monitor your stomach—don’t go to bed hungry but give yourself time to digest before bed.
  3. Limit naps throughout the day.
  4. Set your thermostat to a cooler temperature before going to sleep.
  5. Turn off electronic screens an hour before bed. 
  6. Enjoy a hot relaxing tea like chamomile and honey before going to sleep.
  7. Participate in some sort of physical exercise daily, whether that’s working out, participating in sports, yoga, swimming, or something else. Be sure to avoid strenuous activity about 2 hours before bed.
  8. Take a hot bath or shower before bedtime.
  9. Create a regular sleep schedule. Do your best to sleep and rise at the same time every day.
  10. Go to sleep in a dark, quiet, cool room.

Although sometimes it’s easier to stay awake and scroll through TikTok till the wee hours of the morning, being well rested does have a positive (and noticeable!) effect on your life. Practice self care and hit the hay ASAP!

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