Live Well

What’s On? For the Class Clown

Looking to hone your comedy skills? With this next lineup, you’ll be able to experience some hilarious TV & film performances and maybe pick up a few jokes for yourself.





1. Middleditch & Schwartz (2020)

Middleditch Schwartz

The Key to Healthy Relationships

What does healthy communication look like? It’s not always easy to tell, and it can be even harder to keep up healthy communication with everyone in your life all of the time — especially in the midst of a global pandemic that has turned our communication styles upside down. What we do know is that healthy communication is the key to healthy relationships. 

The Basics

Say Goodbye to Unnecessary Stress

Life is stressful—especially during a pandemic. It’s important to keep in mind that you are not alone. Following these tips will help you lower your stress level so that you can live well!

Exercise More

Devils in Depth: Adam Schoenfeld

From relocating states at the onset of a global pandemic to dedicating months of work to physical growth, ASU student Adam Schoenfeld has persevered through many challenges this year. Adam’s latest feat was the 75-Day Hard Challenge, which consisted of two 45-minute workouts a day, one during the day and one at night. He was also required to drink a gallon of water a day and abstain from drinking alcohol for the entire duration of the challenge.

Is Your Coffee Habit Healthy?

Coffee has become a staple beverage for busy college students, and for many, an extra shot of espresso is the only thing getting them through the day. But is this a healthy habit?

Well, there’s good news and bad news for coffee lovers. 

What’s On? For the Indie Lovers

In our last installment, we walked you through some classic (and neo-classic) pieces of cinema available on Netflix. This time, we’ll dive into some movies you might have passed over, and we hope you’ll forgive us for the sheer amount of A24.





1. Good Time (2017)

Five Places to Order Takeout in Tempe

We don’t know about you, but ordering in has become the highlight of our week during COVID times. There’s nothing like getting your favorite meal delivered to your door and curling up for an episode of your favorite show. Here are five Tempe takeout spots you won’t be able to resist dialing up this semester, curated by a Tempe local.

1. The Dhaba

Order by phone: 480-557-8800

What’s On? For the Film Buffs

In order to be well, you’ve got to make some time to take care of you. What better way to unwind than to get lost in a movie for a couple of hours? We know browsing through Netflix can be more stressful than it is relaxing, which is why we are providing our comprehensive list of recommended films for you to enjoy.

Zoom Etiquette—Improve Your Remote Learning Experience

Most of the classes at ASU this fall are on Zoom.  Many students are new to learning via Zoom, while others might want to improve their remote learning experience.  Here is a list of suggestions that will allow you and your peers to get more out of learning on this platform.  Following these tips will make remote learning feel more natural. 


Making Healthy Headway at Home

The stay-at-home orders have made staying well a new challenge for most. Between the tempting loaves of sourdough bread you might have been baking and the rising temperature spoiling your afternoon run around the block, you may feel it’s impossible to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Fortunately, you have access to strategies to help you adapt to this current state of living!