Live Well

Nutrition and Emotional Health

What are some reasons you think healthy eating is important? Most of us know that consuming a healthy diet including adequate fruits and vegetables is important for staying healthy, from keeping our immune systems healthy to reducing risk for chronic diseases later on.  More research is demonstrating that what we eat also plays an important role in our mental and emotional health, and that can affect you right now, not just decades in the future. 

5 ways to make grocery shopping easier

Picture this. It’s the end of the week and it’s dinner time. You open the fridge and you find the following items: a lemon, two slices of stale pizza from last week and a half empty gallon of milk. At this point, you’ve probably realized it’s time to grocery shop. If you’re anything like me, you might find supermarkets a bit intimidating. Between the huge store, the long aisles, and the immense variety of products available, the simple process of deciding what to eat becomes much more complicated. 

Devils 4 Devils - Students helping students

ASU is a fantastic and caring community, one that never ceases to impress me.  Students consistently are working to ensure that not only will they succeed, but their peers will as well.

What is a mother?

Thoughts on Mother's Day 2017

These are familiar English phrases about giving, about truth, about sustainability, about trustworthiness, about beauty.  As such, they are also a clue that whether female or not, whether parent or not, whether children or adults, on some level, each of us is experienced as “mother” by someone—and each of us has been a mother to someone whether technically or not.

That is because to be a mother is to be wise and to be emotionally available.

What does that mean?