At the beginning of the fall semester here at ASU, temperatures outside are scorching. That doesn’t stop us students from traversing the hot outdoors to get from class to class. This kind of heat can be no joke, especially when it is over 100 degrees—spending extended time outdoors at this temperature can cause heat exhaustion for even the most seasoned of desert dwellers. The Mayo Clinic states that these are the symptoms of heat exhaustion you’ll need to keep an eye out for:

SDFC’s graphic designers work within marketing to develop memorable, eye-catching materials — materials you see around Tempe and the other three ASU campuses, for that matter. Graphic designers take in a high volume of marketing requests and churn out fliers, posters and more. Without them, awesome ASU events wouldn’t get that extra “oomph” needed to really demand your attention. One of the SDFC’s design stars is senior Emily Strieff.

Spooky season is upon us, and Halloween is almost here! That means the Halloween Carnival at the SDFC is just around the corner on Friday, October 29th! With this season comes many myths and stories about Halloween, but just how many are actually true? We take a look at the most common misconceptions about Halloween and shed some light on them.

Tainted candy

As the pandemic continues to affect our lives, it can sometimes be frustrating to keep adhering to CDC guidelines. However, in order to prevent COVID-19 variants from progressing and causing lockdown procedures, it’s important to get vaccinated and mask up whenever you are in a public space, including all across campus. This way, we can show we care about the safety and wellbeing of our fellow Sun Devils and make sure we aren’t contributing to a rise in cases. If you’re still on the fence, here are some facts about mask-wearing that may sway you.

There are many myths that surround working out. Some of these misconceptions play into why we don’t move our bodies as much as we could, so read on to bust some common fitness myths! 

Myth: You have to work out in a gym to have a good workout.

False. You can exercise just about anywhere and still get in a good workout. In your dorm, at the park, and in the pool to name a few—get creative with it! Aim for a mix of aerobic, strength, and flexibility moves to get the most benefits.

If you’re on the hunt for things to do for Family Weekend (November 5-7), gather your loved ones and head on down to the Sun Devil Stadium for an ASU football game! This year, the game will be on Saturday, November 6th against our rival, the University of Southern California. Looking for other fun activities to do with your family and fellow Sun Devils that Saturday? We’ve got you covered! The SDFC is putting on its annual Gold Rush obstacle course at 8 AM!

Meet rising junior Renuka Vemuri, the newly elected president of the Undergraduate Student Government Downtown (USGD) and driven ASU student. As a Medical Studies major (she’s also pursuing a minor in Nutrition & Healthy Living), Renuka is following her dream in pursuing a career in healthcare.

“Devils in Depth” is a project that gets down to earth and captures the diversity of Arizona State’s student population. We engage in conversations with students in an effort to learn more about their passions and get a feel for who they really are. Then we ask them their thoughts on a central theme. This week’s theme is centered on advice to your past self.


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