Contribute to a Healthier World

In many ways, our personal health depends on the health of our planet. Air quality, water quality, and our ability to be outside and appreciate nature are vital to our mental and physical health. That’s why it is important to help preserve our planet by integrating sustainability into your everyday life! You can do just that with the following tips and tricks:

Join Our Very Own Amazing Race!

Have you always wanted to be on The Amazing Race?  Now is your opportunity!  Grab your besties and head on over to the Tempe campus!  In a group of 2-4, you and your friends will solve puzzles as you race across campus. See if you have what it takes to win The Amazing Race!  

The event runs Friday, April 2nd, with multiple start times throughout the day. The first start time is at noon, and the last one is at four, so there’s no excuse. Tempe campus is waiting…GO!

What’s On? For the Hopeless Romantic

If the alone time at home has got you in your feelings, you might want to check out some uplifting Netflix offerings. In this installment, we cover all the sweet stuff you should be watching to cheer yourself up.

Build a Better Sleep Environment

In order to make the most out of your sleep schedule, it’s important to create an environment that’s actually conducive to sleep. Although you can tailor this to your needs and preferences, here are some general tips to follow before you drift into dreamland.

Sun Devil’s Guide to Hiking

There is often a sense of peace that accompanies the arrival at a mountain’s peak. Heart pumping and breathing heavy, you gaze at the view below with a feeling of accomplishment.

It turns out that there is actual scientific data to back these emotions. 

Devils in Depth: Ci’mone Rogers

If you’ve been juggling a lot this semester, junior Ci’mone Rogers is right there with you! With three separate internships and a full-time major in Business (Information Security), Ci’mone has had to introduce some new strategies in her life to make sure she’s staying balanced.

What’s On? For The Music Majors

In this installment, we compile a list of the movie musicals available on Netflix. You don’t have to have starred in your high school play to enjoy these iconic numbers.

Tips & Tricks for Conflict Management

If you feel that you are in a conflict you can’t get out of, here are some strategies you can utilize to manage the situation.

Valentine’s Day from Home

This Valentine’s Day, it’s the perfect time for you and your significant other to get in some alone time together. Since we are still practicing social distancing, here are some great date ideas to put together at home!

Top 5 Best and Worst Relationships in Television

We love shipping television couples together.  Often, these couples have genuine, loving relationships so strong that we can’t help but ship them together.  However, other times we become invested in toxic relationships.  In honor of Valentine’s Day, let’s look at some popular television pairings on both ends of the spectrum.

Healthy Relationships

T.K. Strand/Carlos Reyes—9-1-1: Lone Star