Well Devils Ambassadors

Living on campus can be a huge adjustment for many students! Navigating life with a roommate, moderating a schedule, figuring out a diet that works and forming connections can all be factors affecting students’ time at ASU. Well Devil Ambassadors are student workers who live in the residence halls and aim to help students thrive while living on campus and seek to increase student engagement, retention and success on campus.

Being a part of Wellness at ASU as a Well Devil Ambassador means uniquely engaging in our mission of building an ASU student community that embraces physical, mental, spiritual, and social well-being of self and others as a hallmark of the Sun Devil Experience. We do this through the Sun Devil Way, exemplifying achievement, engagement and responsibility. In the process, employees will gain vital experiences to help them live a healthier life and develop professional portfolios by enhancing communication, critical thinking and leadership skills. Our goal is to serve as a support that enriches your academic, personal and career success.

How are we doing it?

  • Assessing student health and wellness needs
  • Delivering health education to peers
  • Encouraging environments that promote healthy living, decision-making and student engagement.
  • Offering support, education to students in the residence halls and across campus
  • Providing access to resources right where students live

E-mail LivingWell@asu.edu to connect with the Well Devil Ambassador in your Community!



Sophia SmithHometown: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Major: Community Health/ Nursing

Current Community: McClintock Hall

About Me: I’m pretty busy with my school work, but besides studying I️ love to play volleyball, spend time with my friends, and do anything outdoors! I’m on the ASU Club Volleyball team where we get to travel across the country and play an awesome sport, this is probably my favorite thing about my time at ASU (besides the sunshine every day).  Go Devils!! 

Tanner CrakerHometown: Baraboo, Wisconsin

Major: Sports and Media Studies

Current Community: Palo Verde West

About Me: I am a Senior this year and am very excited to graduate. I love to listen to music, and play basketball. I spend a lot of my time working with the ASU Football team. I have been a community assistant in the Hassayampa Academic Village for 2 years and this is my first year being a Well Devil.

Daniel SinclairHometown: Phoenix

Major: Materials Science and Engineering

Current Community: Barrett

About Me: I'm a member of Engineers Without Borders, and I've recently joined a research team, but when I have free time I also love working out, cooking, and playing tabletop games.

Eternity StallingsHometown: Fountain Hills

Major: Music Therapy

Current Community: Tooker House

About Me: I love singing in the ASU Gospel Choir, hanging out with my friends, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and jamming out on piano or guitar.

Ashley PeakeHometown: Chandler , AZ

Major: Biochemistry (Medicinal Chemistry) and Minor in English Literature

Current Community: Barrett, The Honors College

About Me: As a Pharmacy Technician, Human Event Teaching Assistant, the Volunteer Chair for the NACURH 2018 Conference, a member of Page Turners, and a Well Devil Ambassador stress management is an essential part of my life. The two main ways in which I deal with this stress is through running and practicing yoga. My passion for running has lead me to finishing two marathons (and counting). Additionally, I hope to eventually become a certified yoga instructor in order to lead others through the practice of balance and control. My main interest is the study of what it means to be human. This is the main reason why I am studying both Biochemistry and English Literature, because I believe that the answer to this question is found in both biological sciences and social sciences. I hope to get involved with Teach for America or Fulbright after I complete my Undergraduate Degree, and then I plan on going to Physical Therapy School to get my Doctorate of Physical Therapy and my Masters in Public Health or Global Health. I would eventually like to provide long term rehabilitation services to physically disabled children. Additionally, I would like to create a program that provides long term health services as well as classes in English to refugee families in America.

Marissa BourbonHometown: Las Vegas, New Mexico

Major: Political Science and Public Service Public Policy

Current Community: San Pablo

About Me: I am a junior interested in public policy and governmental affairs. I spend my time on campus working at Changemaker and El Concilio, a coalition here on campus. I love mac n' cheese, cookies, and coffee, but sometimes prefer red bull. I like to read when I have the time, binge Hulu, and travel when I get the chance. I believe balance and mindfulness are the key to a happy life and hope to pass that along in my position as your Well Devil Ambassador!

Megan MartinHometown: Pleasanton, CA

Major: Elementary Education

Current Community: Vista

About Me: I am currently in the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, and I'm a member of the Teachers College Council Executive Board. In addition, I love to try new things and be apart of various intramural teams, such as volleyball and soccer. I also enjoy hiking, drawing, or anything else where I'm outside or being active.

Madison Redtfeldt

Hometown: Boise, ID

Major: Marketing & Bio

Current Community: Vista Del Sol

About Me: I enjoy biking far distances on my fixed gear around the city and even in the gym using the cycle machine. I love a good cup of coffee no matter what time of day it is. I love eating on Hayden lawn with friends, painting, making music, dancing/singing/raving, making bracelets. My passions are traveling, going to thrift stores to make outfits for resale and photography. I also have an amazing skill at being able to find all dogs on campus for petting. I'm in a fashion design/marketing club and play volleyball.

Adin Tarr

Hometown: Las Vegas

Major: Journalism & Mass Communication

Current Community: Taylor Place

About Me: I am a member of the Barrett Leadership and Service Team Downtown and a chairwoman for my sorority Sigma Kappa. I have also been involved in Pitchfork Patrol, Cronkite Cut, and was on the 2017 ASU Homecoming court. I have two minors in political science and philosophy as well as a certificate in international relations. I love working on the health and wellness initiatives as a Well Devil Ambassador in the dorms at the downtown campus!

Amy Morale

Hometown: Pittsford, Vermont

Major: Social Work

Current Community: Manzanita

About Me: Hi everyone! In my free time I enjoy going to concerts with my family and friends, hiking, doing yoga, playing piano, and dancing. I also really enjoy cooking healthy meals for my family. My favorite fruit is pineapple = ) I am a senior studying Social Work and will be going into the field of policy, administration and community practice! I really enjoy being involved in wellness and being a support and resource for students!

Charlene Smith

Hometown: Yucaipa, California

Major: Political Science

Current Community: West Residence Halls

About Me: My name is Char, and I am a pre-law/Political Science student at the ASU West campus. In addition to serving as a Well Devil Ambassador, I work as a Facilities Manager at Student Activities and Conference Services. I am also the President of West Mock Trial and the Vice President of AcaDevils. My interests include law, politics, snow and water skiing, motorcycles, and rock music.

Brionna Raum

Hometown: Anthem, AZ

Major: Human Communication, International Studies

Current Community: Hassayampa

About Me: Hi there! I am a sophomore this year, and loving ASU more every day. In addition to being a Well Devil I am also currently the Digital Marketing Director for Devils Spark Change, an on-campus club that organizes service trips over breaks. I’m also involved with Antioch College Ministries on campus. Some of my faves include: good coffee, cute kittens, snowboarding, yoga, journaling, playing music, reading, and G2 Pilot pens.

Violet Konopka

Hometown: Rockford, IL

Major: Biological Sciences, Politics and the Economy

Current Community: Palo Verde East

About Me: I am involved with Phi Sigma Rho, a social sorority for women in engineering, as well as the Womyn's Coalition. My favorite things to do when I have some free time are hiking, yoga, and photography. Every Sunday from September to January, you can find me watching football all day long and cheering on my favorite team (Go Pack Go!).

Jessica Powers

Hometown: Miller Place, NY

Major: Nursing

Current Community: Sonora

About Me: If I'm not in my room studying, or at the gym...chances are I'm hiking or eating somewhere :)

Patricia Garcia

Hometown: San Tan Valley, AZ

Major: Mechanical Engineering Systems

Current Community: Poly

About Me: I love to play sports such as soccer and volleyball. But you will mostly see me around campus either enjoying the beauty of campus or giving tours!

Emma Zuber

Hometown: Fairfax, VA

Major: Sustainability

Current Community: Center

About Me: I love to be surrounded by nature, so I enjoy hiking, camping, and travelling. When I want to de-stress, I enjoy knitting and embroidering while watching various shows and movies on Netflix. I am passionate about sustainable food systems, and I plan to get a certificate in it as well as a minor in French. When I was younger, I lived in Belgium, so I want to become fluent in French to continue that culture that I fell in love with as a kid. I am also interested in nutrition, and I look forward to educating others about it along with other forms of health!