Brain Health

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  • The brain continues developing into young adulthood (the early 20s)
  • The brain is able to modify itself and adapt to new information and experiences throughout life.

Your brain is important to your overall well-being. Thus, to maintain a healthy lifestyle it is important to take steps to support your brain’s optimal functioning. Fortunately, the steps you take toward a healthy brain can help you to maintain your overall wellness. You’ll recognize many of our tips contribute to a healthy mind, body, spirit and/or community.

What can you do to keep your brain healthy?

  • Choose a healthy eating style. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, while limiting solid fats.
  • Limit alcohol. If you choose to drink alcohol, stick with low to moderate use, meaning one or two drinks in a sitting. Heavy alcohol consumption can interfere with brain health (as well as other areas of health).
  • Be physically active daily. Physical activity and exercise get the blood flowing. This delivers oxygen and other important nutrients to your brain, allowing the brain to build new neurons and connections. Physical activity can also wake up your brain, enhance concentration and focus and result in a boost of energy.
  • Socialize. Connecting with family and friends can enhance your brain performance.
  • Maintain good sleep habits. Inadequate sleep or restless sleep can impede memory and cognition. Set a sleep and wake up time that allows you about 8 hours of sleep daily.
  • Manage stress. Keeping stress manageable can reduce the negative toll high levels of stress can take on memory and concentration.
  • Stimulate your brain. Keep using your mind to learn and create. When you learn or do something new, it enhances brain function.

In other words, lead a healthy lifestyle to improve brain function.

A simple way to help a friend enhance their brain health is to connect with him or her regularly. Social relationships contribute to overall brain health.

If you are concerned about a friend, suggest that he or she visit the ASU Health Services or ASU Counseling Services to determine steps toward a healthier lifestyle.

Hello Brain is a website developed by scientists, media professionals and advocates to educate on brain health and brain research. is an online public information resource about the brain and brain-related research.