Devils in Depth

“Devils in Depth” is a project that gets down to earth and captures the diversity of Arizona State’s student population. We engage in conversations with students in an effort to learn more about their passions and get a feel for who they really are. Then we ask them their thoughts on a central theme. The theme for this week was stress relief. This is the first of several installments.


“When I find myself really stressed I like to just get a blank piece of paper and just scribble out whatever my emotions are, however I’m feeling…If I’m angry, I’ll really get in there on the paper, take my aggression out, and I find that definitely helps me kinda calm down, relax and focus on what I need to get done.”


“That’s me, I’m a clown. I like hanging out with people [who are] social, so if you’re not like really social, you’re not my vibe.”

“When I was 18 mostly, that’s when I first started in theater. My mom, she kinda got me into theater, so I ended up liking it a lot. I first majored in criminal justice… I actually had my associate’s in criminal justice and everything. And now I’m transferring [into] theater…just following my passion.”


“Whenever I am stressed I take out a journal and just write down everything that is stressing me out from the big things to the small things. I feel like you can just let everything out without having to talk to someone. It’s… out of me in a way. That helps me with my stress.”


“I love to travel. I grew up in Louisiana with a lot of rich culture…Tempe is kind of like the melting pot. my best friend I met here is actually from New Jersey, I never met anyone from New Jersey. I’ve always had a fascination with other people’s cultures.”

“I grew up in the South, Roman Catholic, huge family, it was very traditional. I’ve always been very curious about other people, which I think a lot of people from my hometown lacked because they kind of still live there and their families always have. They never left… it’s just the same thing over and over again.”


“My father is a mechanical engineer. He used to say how all the mechanical parts in a car or a bike worked, so I used to ask about computers and he used to tell me about software and the physical things — the hardware. [When] I reached my high school, I asked which course would be the best to take to design hardware and software and my father pointed me in that direction. I pretty much got inspired by cell phones. I wanted to know how chips got made.”


“It takes a good amount of self control to step back and realize that I don’t have to figure it out right now and sacrifice my well being today, for a job five years from now. It’s a relief when I can figure that out for myself and it’s also stressful when I lapse into…self doubt and not feeling motivated to pursue any of these things that seem like my interests. It’s hard.”